Free Verse for the “Magicicada”

You left this evidence…
that you were here.
A dry, transparent, brown casting…

Found on the leaf
where you molted…
one last time—-

Discarded casing of the “Mummy”-
come back to life…
The final vestiges –of your time beneath the ground.

Seventeen years-in waiting…suspended animation…
gradual transformation— nymph to adult
Consuming meager nourishment from the roots below

Seventeen years ago, you emerged from a tree limb and fell to the ground
Burrowing downward, downward into the earth…
Buried and forgotten.

Did you die?- or -Did you Sleep?
IF you slept, then did you dream?
Did you dream of Flying? Singing? Living? Loving?

Did you sleep so long, you were “left for dead”?
While you slept, did you feel the transformation that was yours–
While you lay buried in the ground?

Did you know that children grew up?
Seasons came and went?
Grandpa died?

What woke you up?
Who invited you back?
You are the marveled mythical “Magicicada“

Metamorphosis complete,
Seventeen years of starvation …
Famished for food, flight, and family

Sleeping Beauty? -or- Rip Van Winkle?
Emerging from the depths of hell–
Heading for the heights of heaven

Incessant dreadful droning din–
Remains in my memory
as it rang in my ears

Loud and long
–decibel buster–
a deafening, maddening song

Death-Burial and Resurrection—
Your story:
God’s promise.

Photo & Poetry©neocup

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