More Rhyming Couplets “Every Goose, a Swan”

Ahh, Goose of legend, Goose of Lore
Part of our language — but you’re oh, so much more!
Goose down, goose feathers, goose quills
“Kill a goose and pay the bills!”
Aesop”s goose: Where are your “golden eggs” kept?
Does “Mother Goose” know you haven’t yet slept?
Is “Sauce for the Goose, truly sauce for the Gander?”
It gives me ‘Goose bumps’ to hear such slander!
A “fox is on the jury of a goose’s trial”
Taking notes with a “Goose quill…dipped in venom vile
When the verdict is announced will there be a “Wild goose chase”?
All those “Goose steppers” will have to keep pace
Or wind up on the dinner table a “Christmas goose
Take a gander, there’s one on the loose!
You Silly Goose!!!—do you think you’re overlooked?
Don’t look now, this “goose is cooked!”

Photo & Poetry©neocup

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