My Mom says “Be nice to everyone”

So it should come as no surprise

That my family and my friends

Come in every color, shape and size


For instance, there is Marty

Who‘s from Chicago, Illinois—

He doesn’t do his homework,

But he’s a very charming boy!


And then there is Maria

She’s from Mexico you know

She has a lovely accent

And her words all seem to flow!


The boy next door is Pablo

His parents came from Cuba–

And Vanessa is the skinny girl

Who just got here from Aruba!


Pete’s my buddy and oldest pal–

His friendship’s loyal and true

So when others “just don’t get it—“

Here’s exactly what I “do”—


I say, “He helps me with my homework”

And “he picks me up from school”

But lots of folks still laugh and point–

Some kids can be so cruel!


All eyes go wide, and mouths gape open

When we walk into a store

The owner’s got a piercing glare

Like –he’s never seen an orangutan before!


Mom and Dad-they brought him home

Before I was even born

They taught him how to cook and clean

And do house chores every morn!


We love to play our video games

With Mario, Elvia and Janet

And after dinner we watch t.v.

All Pete’s favorites  on Animal Planet!


He’s as nice a guy as you’ll ever meet

He’s a “gentleman and a scholar”

So you’ll understand my anger

When I’m asked about a “collar”?


But Pete just takes it all in stride

Their ignorance doesn’t phase him,

They don’t understand our kinship–

So, this is what I say to them:


My daddy is the zookeeper

My mama is a vet

My brother is an orangutan

And I’m the family PET!


Photo & Poetry©neocup


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